Embedded software engineer, wolfSSL

Daniele Lacamera


TLS v1.3 and RIOT OS


Daniele Lacamera is a Free and Open Source Software technologist, currently based in
Amsterdam. His main areas of expertise are embedded systems and TCP/IP communication.
He has 20+ academic publications in the field of transport layer optimization,
and has recently authoredd the book “Embedded Systems Architecture” with Packt
Daniele currently works as embedded software engineer for wolfSSL, mostly
contributing to the development and the integration of wolfSSL on embedded
operating systems and bootloaders.


TLS 1.3 is the new version for Transport Layer Security protocol, recently approved by
the IETF and defining the new standard for secure socket communications.
Upgrading distributed application from TLS 1.2 to 1.3 provides a number of
benefits such as improved security and faster speed in establishing secure
sessions. This talk describes the impact of the upgrade for secure
embedded systems in general, and in particular for IoT applications. Riot-OS
offers the possibility to integrate third party libraries in the form of
packages, and wolfSSL is working together with the Riot-OS community towards the
distribution of the wolfSSL library in the form of package, in order to provide
fully compliant TLS 1.3 support optimized for embedded targets and bring a new
generation of Riot-OS systems up to speed to the latest recommended TLS