Embedded software engineer, Codecoup

Szymon Janc


NimBLE – Portable Bluetooth stack from Apache Mynewt


Szymon is an embedded software engineer. Develops embedded Linux systems since 2007. Linux and FLOSS enthusiast and contributor. Since 2009 works on Android based mobile platforms development mostly focused on local connectivity area. Involved in Bluetooth stack development for The Zephyr Project and Apache Mynewt. In 2015 co-founded Codecoup, a company providing support in building IoT solutions, local connectivity, Linux, Open Source and embedded software.


Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Mesh are the latest additions to Bluetooth technology. NimBLE stack from Apache Mynewt project will be presented as an Open Source implementation of both Bluetooth 5 and Mesh. It is highly portable BLE stack implementing both host and controller targeting memory and CPU constrained devices (e.g. ARM Cortex M0/M4). Process of porting nimBLE to RIOT will also be presented.