Kalle Ruttik

Lecturer, Aalto University, "Cellular systems for industrial IoT"


Cellular systems for industrial IoT


Kalle Ruttik has 25 years experience of research and development of cellular systems. Currently he is lecturer in Aalto University Communication Department. In last ten years he has lead development of Cloud RAN cellular base station development. In result of that work Aalto University has commercialized a software radio based NB-IoT stand alone cellular base station.  Currently he is active in projects for deploying cellular systems in industrial environments.


Cellular systems are looking for new avenues for growth. The cellular system stack with its field proven technologies and exclusive frequency allocations seems like a good fit for wireless industrial applications.  The wireless industrial systems are facing two main challenges, how to provide high quality radio coverage and how to integrate with existing industrial legacy systems. In this talk we overview the 4G and 5G features that target those challenges. Particularly the talk dissects SCEF IoT interface and its features. Industrial communication environments have had their own development path with its specific tools and methodologies. The talk discusses the challenges and opportunities while integrating cellular wireless with industrial environments.