David Sukiennik

Software Engineer, Z├╝hlke Group, "Pitfalls in C++ development with real-time requirements"


Pitfalls in C++ development with real-time requirements


David Sukiennik studied Computer Engineering at TU Ilmenau. His interests lie in software development for resource-constrained systems and therein in fulfilling performance requirements, such as increasing network throughput or
reducing algorithm latency. Since 2019 he works as a software engineer at Zuhlke.


Embedded systems with real-time requirements are no rarity but fulfilling these is sometimes hard enough. Real-time does not mean to have a high throughput but to have an upper bound on execution time.
How can C++ interfere with these requirements, and how can it help? In this short talk I will show
– some zero-cost abstractions and some hidden costs,
– which standard patterns hurt real-time characteristics and which may be applicable.