Daniele Lacamera

Embedded software engineer, wolfSSL, "Secure remote firmware updates for the IoT"


Secure remote firmware updates for the IoT


Daniele Lacamera is a Free and Open Source Software technologist, currently based in Amsterdam. His main areas of expertise are embedded systems and TCP/IP communication. He has 20+ academic publications in the field of transport layer optimization, and has recently authoredd the book “Embedded Systems Architecture” with Packt publishing.
Daniele currently works as embedded software engineer for wolfSSL, mostly
contributing to the development and the integration of wolfSSL on embedded
operating systems and bootloaders.


Embedded systems that are connected to the Internet are now able to implement the latest security standards for end-to-end communication. Vulnerability management for devices on the field is a key features that keeps newly discovered security issues away, and reduces the attack surface of the entire distributed system.

wolfSSL provides the technology to deploy secure remote software updates: wolfBoot is a generic bootloader for 32-bit microcontrollers that uses public key authentication mechanism to guarantee the
authenticity of the uploaded firmware image. Firmware transfer are secured using TLS or DTLS, even using popular standard communication protocols provided by wolfMQTT, wolfSSH. In this presentation, I will show how to integrate our components in RIOT-OS development environment in order to implement secure remote firmware updates.