Benjamin Valentin

Embedded Software Engineer, ML!PA Consulting, "Wired sensor networks and IPv6 subnet auto-configuration"


Wired sensor networks and IPv6 subnet auto-configuration


Benjamin Valentin is an embedded software engineer at ML!PA Consulting, working on a RIOT-based wireless sensor platform to deliver customer specific sensor solutions for industrial IoT.


Wired sensor networks are a reliable and cost effective solution for fixed installations. By leveraging a UART based, Ethernet-like bus that makes use of ubiquitous CAN level shifters, there are little restrictions on the type of MCU that can take part in such a network.

IPv6 SLAAC offers a great solution for address auto-configuration for nodes that are on the same network. But physical and electrical requirements don’t always allow for all sensors to share the same bus.

Instead sensor networks often form a tree topology with a data sink at the root and branches of routing nodes to which leaf sensors connect.

IPv6 prefixes and subnets map quite naturally to this sort of topology.

This talk presents a method for IPv6 subnet auto-configuration that works with minimal communication between the routers.