Joost Renes
Cryptographer, NXP Semiconductors, "Post-Quantum Crypto: The Embedded Challenge"
Michael Richardson
Open source and open standards consultant, "Building and Integrating Rust libraries for RIOT-OS,with Micropython support"
Richard Copeman
Technical Manager, Lauterbach, "Efficient Debugging with RIOT Awareness in TRACE32"
Jan Romann
University of Bremen, "Self-descriptions for Interoperability and Security: Using WoT TD and MUD with RIOT"
Tobias Buchberger
Researcher, Competence Centre for IT-Security, FH Campus Wien, "CoMatrix - How to overcome kernel panic, deal with buffer limitations and LOL at random"
Christian Amsüss
"Pieces to Picture: Security components of the CoRE ecosystem"
Lena Boeckmann
RIOT developer, HAW Hamburg, "Integration of a cryptographic API with configurable hardware and software backends in RIOT"
Frank Hessel
PhD student, TU Darmstadt, "ChirpOTLE: Using RIOT to Evaluate the Security of LoRaWAN"
Koen Zandberg
PhD student, Inria, "Femto-Containers: Lightweight devops-style virtual machines on RIOT"
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
Professor of Computer Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, "Teaching IoT with RIOT"