Michael Richardson

Open source and open standards consultant, "Building and Integrating Rust libraries for RIOT-OS,with Micropython support"


Building and Integrating Rust libraries for RIOT-OS,with Micropython support


Michael Richardson is an open source and open standards consultant.

An autodidact, he wrote mail transfer agents as a teenager, and in the 1990s, after failing at high energy physics, found his calling designing and building embedded networking products, in the security sector. Michael has built multiple IPsec systems, joining the FreeS/WAN team in 2001, and founding Xelerance.com in 2003. He has operated many networks, worked on DNSSEC and root name servers, and built several boutique ISPs along the way.

Starting in 2008 Michael began to work on IoT mesh routing, eventually chairing the IETF ROLL working group for a few years. Michael has since moved on to the problem of how to securely connect and control IoT devices too small to have user interfaces. This includes, RFC8366, RFC8995, and several more in the pipeline.


RIOT-OS and FreeRTOS include support for Micropython, and this is a very attractive interface for both new embedded developers and for experienced developers who need to rapidly prototype a new device. IoT onboarding is a conceptually simple process, but implementation can be complex. Getting it right while still adapting it for many edge cases can call for a certain amount of innovation. Writing the high level policy in Python has a definite appeal. This talk is about an ongoing effort to create a Rust-based RFC8366 and RFC8995 (BRSKI) library integrated into RIOT-OS, and to be controlled in python