Joost Renes

Cryptographer, NXP Semiconductors, "Post-Quantum Crypto: The Embedded Challenge"


Post-Quantum Crypto: The Embedded Challenge


Joost Renes is a Cryptographer at NXP Semiconductors in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Before that he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Digital Security group at Radboud University in the Netherlands, where he also obtained his PhD with Prof. Lejla Batina. His interests lie in the field of cryptographic primitives with a recent focus on post-quantum cryptography: he is one of the developers of the SIKE proposal to the NIST standardization effort. He also has a strong interest in implementations on resource-constrained devices and the impact of post-quantum crypto on embedded systems.


Post-quantum crypto standards are coming: it doesn’t matter if you believe in quantum computers or not. What is the impact on the billions of embedded devices? Using some typical embedded use-cases we outline the challenges and show some recent solutions in this area.