Koen Zandberg

PhD student, Inria, "Femto-Containers: Lightweight devops-style virtual machines on RIOT"


Femto-Containers: Lightweight devops-style virtual machines on RIOT


Koen is actively contributing to RIOT since 2017, in various aspects of the OS including tooling, bus-level networking support, low-power wireless networking and firmware updates over IPv6, CoAP. In real life, Koen is a PhD student with Inria working on security and sandboxing on RIOT


We will present Femto-Containers, a lightweight and hardware-independent virtualization system to isolate software modules on RIOT. Femto-Containers is based on the Linux eBPF mechanism and allows for deploying and running lightweight applications concurrently on RIOT with minimal memory footprint. The presentation will contain a technical overview of Femto-Containers and how it can be used to dynamically deploy applications on RIOT.