Christian Amsüss

"Pieces to Picture: Security components of the CoRE ecosystem"


Pieces to Picture: Security components of the CoRE ecosystem


Christian Amsüss is active in Free Software communities since 2005, and develops with embedded devices and their networks since 2011. His objective is to help paving a way towards a Web of Things in which interoperability can be expected, the user is in control, and which is secure by default.


Security technologies based on the IETF stack for constrained devices are many and fine-grained. This allows implementers to pick only those parts that are useful for their application, but also makes it hard to get the big picture. This talk gives an overview of the features of and interactions between existing and upcoming protocols, like ACE, (multiparty) OSCORE, EDHOC, SUIT and more, and how they may come together in RIOT.

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