Christian Amsüss

Free Software Developer - "CoAP over Everything"


CoAP over Everything


Christian Amsüss is active in Free Software communities since 2005, and develops with embedded devices and their networks since 2011. His objective is to help paving a way towards a Web of Things in which interoperability can be expected, the user is in control, and which is secure by default.


CoAP supports a wide range of applications from DNS to file service, chat and publish-subscribe services — and security models that transparently protect all of those.

But CoAP also supports various transports, with Internet Drafts ranging from serial ports to Bluetooth, and specifications from different organizations covering from Narrowband IoT, SMS, TCP and WebSockets in addition to the original UDP.

In this talk I’ll introduce selected transports, explore use cases, and sketch how we could make all of this accessible in RIOT.