Oliver “Oleg” Hahm

Professor at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, "Ten Years of RIOT"


Ten Years of RIOT – The past, the Presence, the Future


Over the last 15 years Oleg has been studying Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and other resource-constrained IoT networks as well as he has been developing industrial grade IoT solutions for customers from various application domains such as power electronics, medical, or (smart) metering. He received his PhD degree from the UniversitĂ© Saclay on the topic “Enabling Energy Efficient Smart Object Networking at Internet-Scale” in 2016. Since 2021 he is  a full professor for Operating Systems, IoT, and Virtualization at Frankfurt University of Applied Science.

In 2013, he co-founded RIOT and is one maintainers and used to be a long-time core developer. Over the years he has used RIOT in commercial projects as well as for researchactivities. In the latter, he has placed a special focus on leveraging properties of ICN approaches (such as caching or routing) for constrained IoT systems.


Let us take a journey through RIOT’s history. See where RIOT has come from and what we have achieved at a community. Take a look at some pivotal decisions we have made, the consequences, and where we might head to.