Sören Tempel

University of Bremen, "Automated Testing of Stateful Network Protocol Implementations in the IoT"


Automated Testing of Stateful Network Protocol Implementations in the IoT


Sören Tempel is a Ph.D. student in the Group of Computer Architecture at the University of Bremen. His research focuses on automated testing of software for embedded devices using symbolic execution and virtual prototyping.


In this talk, we will present our research on automated testing of complex stateful network protocol implementations in the IoT (e.g. MQTT-SN) using symbolic execution. The talk is based on our paper that has been published earlier this year in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal. As part of conducted experiments, we performed automated testing of RIOT’s emcute, asymcute, and dhcpv6 modules and found three previously unknown bugs. Furthermore, we were able to achieve an instruction coverage of roughly 80% in RIOT’s MQTT-SN implementations within 2h of automated testing. We will present our findings to RIOT developers and outline how the RIOT community can benefit from automated software testing techniques.