Gero Müller

Research engineer, CITI Lab Lyon, "Intermittent power and high precision high speed power measurements"


Intermittent power and high precision high speed power measurements


Gero Mueller is developing software for more than 20 years in the areas of business, web, games and science and is administrating Linux systems for more than 15 years. He studied physics and was a researcher in astroparticle physics where he, among other things, developed a simulation tool for cosmic ray propagation through cosmic galactic magnetic fields and a web based analysis platform with access to small GPGPU cluster for deep learning. In 2017 he got involved in micro controller programming for medical research devices and is now a research engineer at CITI Lab Lyon, France (Insa/Inria). He is working on checkpointing for IoT devices with intermittent power supply and precision power measurement.


Checkpointing and snapshotting are techniques to ease software development on devices with intermittent power supply. A first implementation in RIOT for the MSP430 platform with NVRAM is presented. Different strategies on when, what and how to store information about the current state of the device and its peripherals exist and call for speed and power consumption comparisons. A new prototype to measure currents from 0.1uA to 30mA on a micro second basis together with first results of performance measurements are presented.