Bart Moons

PhD researcher, University of Ghent, "Static Context Header Compression: Where do we want to go in RIOT?"


Static Context Header Compression: Where do we want to go in RIOT?


Bart Moons is a PhD researcher at the University of Ghent where he is currently working on incorporating IoT and internet protocols in Low Power Wide Area Networks


Low Power Wide Area Networks provide a very wide range, resulting in very low bandwidths. Currently these networks remind us of the start of the decade when IEEE 802.15.4 networks had the application layer tied straight above the link layer. Such an approach limits the portability of applications, the interoperability with the Web and the IP ecosystem and the integration of mature end-to-end security protocols.

This presentation will pitch a breakout session about SCHC [sjiek] or Static Context Header Compression, a novel IETF adaptation layer, designed to bring end-to-end IPv6 connectivity and security with limited overhead to the smallest sensor devices available. I will present our implementation and the open possibilities for RIOT and the (very constrained) IoT.