Lars Eggert
Technical Director for Networking, NetApp, "Towards Securing the Internet of Things with QUIC"
Hannes Tschofenig
Distinguished Engineer, Arm Ltd. and Mbed, "Securing IoT Communication: The Path from SSL to DTLS & Compact TLS"
Rahul Jadhav
Lead Architect, Huawei Technologies, "Realistic Last-Mile IoT simulation framework: Whitefield"
Michel Rottleuthner
Research Associate, HAW Hamburg, "Energy-Aware Urban Sensing with RIOT"
Bart Moons
PhD researcher, University of Ghent, "Static Context Header Compression: Where do we want to go in RIOT?"
Benjamin Valentin
Embedded Software Engineer, ML!PA Consulting, "Industrial IoT: Achieving 10 year battery life with RIOT"
J├╝rgen Fitschen
Systems Engineer, SSV Software Systems GmbH, "Seamless Power Management on IoT Devices -- Lessons from an HVAC Use Case using RIOT"
Jean Pierre Dudey
Embedded Software Developer, Locha Inc., "Locha Mesh: A Decentralized Mesh Network powered by RIOT"
Gilles Doffe
Embedded Software Engineer, Savoir-Faire Linux, "Towards fast-booting & MCU-driven operation for hybrid multi-core chips with dual Cortex-A and -M"
Lup Yuen Lee
Techie and Educator in IoT, "Safer, Simpler Embedded Programs with Rust on RIOT"