Rahul Jadhav

Lead Architect, Huawei Technologies, "Realistic Last-Mile IoT simulation framework: Whitefield"


Realistic Last-Mile IoT simulation framework: Whitefield


Avid coder with 18+ years of professional experience working in IP Network and Transport Optimization, Rahul Jadhov works closely with IETF Standards Working Groups (such as ROLL, 6Lo, LWIG). Rahul has worked on metering infrastructure based on 802.15.4G + PLC/6lo/RPL for Smart Grids, and has taken several projects from conception to market.


Whitefield is an IoT simulation framework that combines realistic wireless backend of NS3/Castalia with real-world stacks such as RIOT, Contiki, OpenThread. Whitefield deploys physical layer wireless simulation of NS3 while using the real-world stack from app-layer to mac-layer. Whitefield was a result of agonizing observations wherein the simulation results of existing popularly used simulators could not remotely match the real outcomes. Whitefield plugs in widely tested and calibrated realistic wireless models of NS3 with real-world protocol stacks without having the tester/developer to understand the intricacies of NS3. Furthermore, scaling to thousands of nodes and simulating realistic mobility models was a priority goal whilst designing the framework.
The talk will present specific findings of the performance testing of an AMI network and explain the rationale for Whitefield-framework in the context.