Jean Pierre Dudey

Embedded Software Developer, Locha Inc., "Locha Mesh: A Decentralized Mesh Network powered by RIOT"


Locha Mesh: A Decentralized Mesh Network powered by RIOT


I’m an embedded software programmer working at Locha Inc, I work on decentralized mobile networks (MANET) technologies and protocols such as AODVv2, RFC 5444, etc. over IEEE 802.15.4g networks.


In Locha we’re working to create an open and usable Internet connection on sites where communications means are censored, hard to access, or simply there aren’t any. We aim to provide basic communications and messaging on sites without Internet, or even a power-grid.

We’re investigating and working on implementing open standards using the RIOT operating system as our base, while improving the open source software ecosystem surrounding us.

In this talk I’ll show how are we using RIOT to accomplish our goal of an open Internet on remote areas. We’ll also talk about the challenges and constraints of providing a decentralized network where each single node can participate and also about the security implications.