Chrystel Gaber

Research Engineer, Orange, "Software-Defined Internet of Things"


Software-Defined Internet of Things


Chrystel Gaber received her PhD from University of Caen in 2013 in Computing Systems. After an experience as project coordinator and R&D engineer in Fime, she joined Orange as a researcher & project coordinator. She contributes to several projects related to cyber-physical security, IoT device management and certification. She participated in the FP7 project MASSIF and ensured the coordination lead of the CELTIC-PLUS project ODSI. She currently participates in GSMA work groups related to the certification of integrated SIMs and the accreditation of SIM production sites.


Embedded systems manufacturers show a growing interest in IoT deployment flexibility. In terms of software, in particular, parts of the logic (e.g. pre-processing of data) may need to be transferred on demand, from the cloud to the device, for privacy or for performance reasons. This talk will overview some use cases and challenges in this field.