Lars Eggert

Technical Director for Networking, NetApp, "Towards Securing the Internet of Things with QUIC"


Towards Securing the Internet of Things with QUIC


Lars Eggert is Technical Director for Networking in NetApp’s Office of the CTO based near Helsinki, Finland. Lars is an experienced technologist with deep expertise in network architectures, systems and protocol design, ranging from the Internet to datacenter to IoT/edge environments. He drives NetApp’s networking agenda by bridging the gap between academic research and products through various collaborative research, engineering and open source collaboration. Lars has been leading networking standardization as part of the IETF steering group and architecture board for two decades and has chaired its research arm, the IRTF. He currently chairs the QUIC working group that is delivering a major new Internet protocol, and he serves on the program and organization committees of academic conferences such as ACM SIGCOMM, as well as numerous other boards.


This talk evaluates the feasibility of deploying QUIC, a new UDP-based transport protocol currently undergoing IETF standardization, directly on resource-constrained IoT devices. It quantifies the storage, compute, memory and energy requirements of the Quant QUIC stack on two different IoT platforms, and finds that a minimal standards-compliant QUIC client is deployable on existing platforms.