Felix Paulini

Product Owner for InnerSource implementation sayWoT!, Siemens, "Web of Things – What is it all about?"


Web of Things – What is it all about?


Felix Paulini is a software developer since 2014, with a strong interest in smart automation systems. He started with automation of software quality assurance and quickly changed to develop software solutions for optimization problems. He then developed a lot of connectivity solutions and got in contact with Web of Things in 2019. Since 2021 he is Product Owner for the Siemens InnerSource implementation sayWoT! and enthusiastically spreading the idea of WoT in software solutions.


WoT (Web of Things) is a standard that was introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium in order to counter the fragmentation in the Internet of Things. The standard focuses on using existing and approved web standards like REST or JSON-LD to accomplish this task. Within Siemens AG this standard has reached a wide spread over all domains and is already used in some products.

In this presentation we are going to see what Web of Things is and what is on the roadmap for the next charter. With concrete usecases and real examples from different users, we will see how easy it is to attach new devices and use them. The simple usage will be also demonstrated in a live demo.