Leandro Lanzieri
Ph.D. student, DESY, "Client-to-Client Communication and Other Optimizations for LwM2M"
Felix Paulini
Product Owner for InnerSource implementation sayWoT!, Siemens, "Web of Things – What is it all about?"
Hannes Tschofenig
Engineer, ARM, "Improving IoT Security with Arm-based Processors"
Göran Selander
Principal Researcher, Ericsson, "Building lightweight security standards on CBOR, COSE and CoAP"
Martine Lenders
Researcher, Freie Universität Berlin, "DNS over CoAP"
Helge Taubert & Simon Brummer
Zühlke, , "We have thrown RIOT out of a project. Would we do it again?"
Gilles Doffe
Embedded Linux & Firmware Senior Engineer, Rtone, "RIOT OS and mobile robotics"
Stefan Schmidt
Principal Solution Architect Open Source, Huawei, "Meet the Oniro project"
José I. Álamos
Researcher, HAW Hamburg, "DSME-LoRa: An assessment of IEEE 802.15.4e DSME over LoRa"
Jürgen Fitschen
Systems Engineer, SSV Software Systems, "A Status Report on Seamless Power Management with RIOT-OS"