Helge Taubert & Simon Brummer



Helge Taubert

I discovered my passion for embedded software already during my times at university. I look back on more than 20 years of software development for medical devices, automation systems and industrial appliances in assembler, C and C++. This gave me the opportunity to gain in depth know how on various microcontrollers and embedded operating systems. Today I consult customers on all aspects of embedded software development and guide teams from first product ideas through development to market success.

Simon Brummer

I have been programming microcontroller systems since I was 16.Later I turned my hobby into a career through my studies in technical computer science. As an embedded software developer I develop software solutions in C, C++, Python and Rust. My focus is currently in the areas of mechanical engineering and automotive. I came into contact with RIOT through my studies. Since then I maintain and develop the TCP implementation of the GNRC network stack in my spare time.