Helge Taubert & Simon Brummer

Zühlke, , "We have thrown RIOT out of a project. Would we do it again?"


We have thrown RIOT out of a project. Would we do it again?


As an innovation provider, Zühlke accompanies their clients during the entire project development lifecycle. In early 2021, in one of our customers projects, we built a successful Proof-of-Concept based on RIOT and Azure as cloud backend. After the PoC-phase, the product development moved from using RIOT to FreeRTOS for various reasons.

In this talk, we take a look at the reasons why we decided against using RIOT back then and discuss whether those reasons are still valid today. By the end of the talk, we want to shed light on the suitability of the RIOT ecosystem for our and our customers needs.


Helge Taubert

I discovered my passion for embedded software already during my times at university. I look back on more than 20 years of software development for medical devices, automation systems and industrial appliances in assembler, C and C++. This gave me the opportunity to gain in depth know how on various microcontrollers and embedded operating systems. Today I consult customers on all aspects of embedded software development and guide teams from first product ideas through development to market success.

Simon Brummer

I have been programming microcontroller systems since I was 16.Later I turned my hobby into a career through my studies in technical computer science. As an embedded software developer I develop software solutions in C, C++, Python and Rust. My focus is currently in the areas of mechanical engineering and automotive. I came into contact with RIOT through my studies. Since then I maintain and develop the TCP implementation of the GNRC network stack in my spare time.