Gilles Doffe

Embedded Linux & Firmware Senior Engineer, Rtone, "RIOT OS and mobile robotics"


RIOT OS and mobile robotics


Engineer since 2006, with a strong taste for embedded technologies, Gilles quickly worked in the field of telecoms and digital television, railways and robotics. Fervent defender of free software, he had the opportunity to join Rtone with the desire to tackle multidisciplinary projects and the complete product life cycle, in a human and caring context. Always ready to talk about robotics, µOS, embedded Linux or any technical subject, Gilles is always enthusiastic about the idea of discovering your projects and achievements.


From brushless motor control, to obstacle avoidance by 2D LIDAR, via communication with a Raspberry Pi4 with EmbeddedProto, I will present you a complete robotics framework based on RIOT OS.
This framework is capable of driving a robot and simulating it via the native architecture.
This talk will also deal with our ongoing developments based on the new features of version 2022.04, in particular the use of C++17 using the new ETL package.
To illustrate the range of topics covered, here is a demonstration video of our 2022 robot that participated in the 2022 French Robotics Cup.