Jürgen Fitschen

Systems Engineer, SSV Software Systems, "A Status Report on Seamless Power Management with RIOT-OS"


A Status Report on Seamless Power Management with RIOT-OS


Jürgen Fitschen is a systems engineer at SSV Software Systems GmbH, working on IoT solutions with the help of various wireless technologies. Currently, he is involved into a smart air-conditioning project which makes use of RIOT.


Seamless power management is essential for battery-driven devices. It supports rapid application development and quick results without a common surprise in such applications: a drained battery.

On the RIOT Summit 2020 I already talked about seamless power management. This talk revives this topic and recaps, where we made progress and what lessons have been learned. Furthermore, this talk points out, what is still on the agenda and must be tackled to achieve seamless power management. On top, some tips and tricks gained from working on battery-based use cases will be presented.