Kaspar Schleiser

Inria & FU Berlin - "RIOT-rs - A mostly-Rust configuration of RIOT OS"


RIOT-rs – A mostly-Rust configuration of RIOT OS


Kaspar Schleiser is an embedded software developer working for Inria and Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. Kaspar Schleiser is a co-founder of the RIOT open source community, to which he has kept contributing since the beginning.
As a freelancer, he has been working for a number of companies in the domain including Deutsche Telekom, Cisco Systems, Nordic Semiconductors, and various SMEs.
During his Masters, he authored a large part of FireKernel, which eventually evolved to become the kernel of RIOT.


Rust is the new kid on the block for embedded programming, seriously challenging C, which has been king so far. Hence, RIOT has merged optional support for Rust application development, via Rust wrappers. In fact, RIOT already depends on some Rust-written drivers. But what would RIOT be like if Rust dethroned C and became the primary language, used not only for applications, but also for the microkernel itself? This talk explores and briefly evaluates RIOT-rs, a prototype that has been developed following through with such a vision, which enables a smooth transition for RIOT, from legacy C-based code to Rust-based RIOT. More generally, the purpose of this talk is to launch a discussion on future perspectives and on a roadmap for RIOT with Rust.