September 15, 2018

Slides online

3rd RIOT Summit, Talks on September 13, 2018

Welcome and Introduction

Matthias Wählisch (Freie Universität Berlin)

Introduction & Overview
Emmanuel Baccelli (Inria)


Keynote: From R&D to Product via Open Source/Standards
Jaime Jiménez (Ericsson Research)

IoT Networking Session

NimBLE – portable Bluetooth stack from Apache Mynewt
Szymon Janc (Codecoup)

Google Protocol Buffers for Embedded IoT
Kita Morgan (Zühlke)

Resource Discovery, Object Security and other news from CoAP
Christian Asmüss

IoT Applications Session

Building a robot powered with RIOT OS
Gille Doffe (Savoir-faire Linux)

Automating my house using KNX
Bas Stottelaar (Allego)

IoT Security Session

Usable Security for RIOT and the Internet of Things
Olaf Bergmann (TZI)

New Crypto-fundamentals in RIOT
Peter Kietzmann (HAW Hamburg)

TLS v1.3 and RIOT OS
Daniele Lacamera (WolfSSL)

Using RIOT as a demo platform for Uptane OTA updates
Anton Gerasimov (HERE Technologies)

Future IoT Security & Ethics Session

PQM4: Implementing Post-Quantum Crypto on the Cortex M4
Joost Rijneveld (Radboud University)

Securing the IoT using SPIN
Elmer Lastdrager (SIDN Labs)

Ethics in Technology – Example of RIPE Atlas
Vesna Manojlovic (RIPE NCC)