Lup Yuen Lee

Techie and Educator in IoT, "Safer, Simpler Embedded Programs with Rust on RIOT"


Safer, Simpler Embedded Programs with Rust on RIOT


Lup Yuen Lee has been teaching IoT professionally since 2015. After working in the IT Industry for over 25 years, Lup now devotes his time on creating open source IoT Education materials. He’s particularly fond of the PineTime Smart Watch as a tool for teaching Rust, RIOT and other embedded topics.


Tired of pointer problems on Embedded C? It’s time to switch over to a safer, simpler way of coding: Embedded Rust. We’ll look at Rust hosted on RIOT and how it’s used to create LittlevGL watch apps for PineTime Smart Watch.

We’ll also explore how Rust on RIOT opens exciting new possibilities for IoT Education, Visual Embedded Programming and Bluetooth Mesh Networks.